Questions to Ask a home builder

20+ Questions for Interviewing Your Home builder

Yes. New Home Builder – License #41157
Home Improvement – License #13VH2485300
Yes. We are enrolled with Professional Warranty Corporation.
Yes. We are fully insured through Connelly, Campion & Wright. We also provide our certificate of insurance to all clients.
RALCO Builders outsources most all company functions in order to keep overhead as low as possible allowing us to pass this savings onto our clients. Our business developer is a consultant to the company and is fully dedicated to making sure that we provide the best service to our clients. Every RALCO Builders employee is covered under our Workers Compensation Insurance.
Yes. We encourage you to review our contract carefully to make sure that you are legally protected and have a clear understanding of our respective responsibilities.

Yes. We clearly state what will and will not be provided prior to starting your project. Of course, the building process is dynamic and complex, so we also provide for flexibility and contingencies to provide services that can enhance your project beyond your original expectations or handle unforseen situations that may arise during the building process.

Yes. Most important to us is getting your project finished on time, and within budget.

Yes. We understand that you will need or want to change certain aspects of your project and will provide a seamless Change Order policy so you may take advantage of new information as it becomes available to you. We provide the costs upfront so that you may make an informed decision.

Yes. We require that all subcontractors provide appropriate insurance certificates prior to coming to the jobsite and we keep them on file for the duration of the project.

Yes. We have a great repuation with construction offices and are conficent that we can expediate the permitting process for you.

As part of your contract, there will be a clearly stated progress payment schedule that will facilitate timely procurement of materials and labor to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. We work with the construction lenders as well to keep your project moving.

RALCO Builders is an active member of NJBIA, NFIB and the New Jersey Shore Builders Association

Yes. We also take time to evaluate and learn about new materials and technology that can significantly benefit your project.

Longevity in the construction business is rare and should not be taken lightly. We feel that in addition to longevity, having a broad experience is also important. With RALCO Builders you get both. Neil Ducharme has been in the construction business since his high school days. He has obtained formal higher education in construction management and has worked for reputable construction and development companies, holding positions in the highest levels of project management on complex private and municipal projects. He has formed RALCO Builders, incorporating more than 15 years experience.

We carefully plan out every phase of each project to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget. It is via our project plan, that we can track and monitor your project’s progress on a daily basis and keep you informed throughout the entire building process.

We carefully plan out every phase of each project to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget. It is via our project plan, that we can track and monitor your project’s progress on a daily basis and keep you informed throughout the entire building process.

Yes. A punch list is your final confirmation that the job is completed properly. Our punch list also includes input from municipal officals to ensure that all authorities having jurisdiction over your project verify the quality and completness.

Yes. You should think about questions to ask our references that will help you really get to know RALCO Builders.

We recommend visiting both completed jobs and jobs in progress. Completed jobs will give you a chance to speak with other homeowners and visiting jobs in progress will give you a chance to view how our sites operate.

Yes. We’ve worked with some of our subcontractors and suppliers for a long time. We are continually shopping around for the best price and service for our clients so we maintain serveral sources for each subcontractor and supplier.

Where to utilize allowances and hard specification is unique to each project, and sometimes is a personal preference to our clients. Once the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario is understood, we feel that combining upfront specification of materials with flexible allowances is key to getting the most positive outcome for our clients.

Yes. There are many advantages to working directly with our suppliers. Among them are getting what you really want by working with their designers and sales people ensuring that they have every detail directly from you. Also, you get the confidence that you are paying the absolute lowest prices for materials and services because you see the invoices directly.

We have project manager that stay informed about all of our projects on an ongoing basis so that there is backup for every project. RALCO Builders embraces the team approach to providing the best service to our clients.

We believe that proactive communication is the best way to avoid conflicts altogether. However, any issue that does arise will be dealt with quickly, understood fully and resolved in the best interest of your project.

We will use all means of communication. We understand that the best ideas sometimes come in the middle of the night. Send us an email or leave us a message. We don’t mind as long as it is a benefit to your project. We don’t punch a timeclock.

At RALCO Builders we take pride in our dedication, reputation, and integrity. We believe that every client deserves a call back within 1 hour.

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