Custom Home vs. Modular

which is better: custom home or modular?

Do you want to build a new home and are wondering which is better: custom home vs. modular? Read ahead to discover the benefits and disadvantages of each.

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What Are Modular Homes and Custom Homes?

The primary difference between the two types of homes is the construction company’s home-building process. For modular homes, the crew builds each section of the home in a factory, which they transport to the site and assemble. Custom homes are built directly on your property by professional contractors. You cannot customize a modular home like a home built on-site.

Both types of houses require the same building codes.

Benefits of a Modular Home

Building a modular home grants the homeowner several benefits.

1. Controlled Building Environment

A dedicated crew builds each section of a manufactured home in a secure, climate-controlled factory. Thus, modular buildings don't have the same risk of theft and material damage, which can increase construction costs.

2. Quick Turnaround

The crew that builds modular homes uses the same actions and procedures to build every single house, and all the materials are kept in the factory. A crew can assemble the sections in the factory in just a couple of months, and on-site assembly takes only a few days.

3. Eco-Friendly

Modular homes are more friendly to the environment because they waste less materials during the construction process. The factory environment and strict, repetitive building process use less energy and decrease the overall footprint of a manufactured home.

4. Affordability

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a modular home is its affordability. Because of the reduced overhead, affordability of materials, and systematic process of assembly, manufactured homes present considerable savings per square inch over a custom-built on-site home.

5. Durability

Modular homes use extra screws, timber, and adhesives to reinforce the different sections of the home. They're also required to endure the stress of transportation. While the durability of a manufactured home is only marginally better, some homeowners consider it an important factor.

Disadvantages of a Modular Home

Modular homes suffer two major disadvantages when you compare them with traditionally-built homes.

1. Location Restrictions

Because they require transportation on a large truck, modular homes suffer limitations concerning where a crew can assemble them. If roads are too narrow or buildings too close together, the home can't arrive at its destination. Thus, prefabricated houses are restricted to suburban or country developments.

2. Material Restrictions

If you're looking for a home built from brick or other unique materials, a modular home isn't the choice for you. Because they require transportation and quick fabrication, manufactured homes are always timber-based.

Benefits of a Custom Home

Custom homes present considerable benefits for homeowners who want more say in how their home looks.

1. Personalization

When you build a home on-site, you can customize your floor plans much better than with a prefabricated home. Your custom home has better access to a wide variety of high-end finishes, locations, room sizes, and even counter height.

2. Flexible Materials

If you want a home crafted from something other than ordinary wood, choose a custom home. For example, many homeowners prefer brick due to its durability and classic style.

Disadvantages of a Custom Home

When you’re considering a custom home vs. a modular one, weigh these disadvantages against the benefits.

1. Length of Construction

A custom home takes the crew a much longer time to build than a manufactured home. Professional construction companies require several months to build your custom home, but unless you're in a rush, the wait is often worth it.

2. Higher Cost

Custom homes often require more overhead and have a greater risk of materials being damaged or stolen. Many homeowners often choose more expensive materials as well. With a custom home, expect to pay more per square foot, but remember: you get what you pay for.

Which Home Is
Best for You?

How can you tell which type of home is best for you? Consider the following:

  • If you’re not on a tight schedule, a custom home can give you everything you want.
  • If you don’t have much room in your budget, a manufactured home can meet your basic needs.
  • Does your desired location support transporting and assembling a manufactured home?

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