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Our Home Building Process

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At RALCO Builders, we are in the business of literally bringing your dream home to life. When it comes to your dream home, you deserve to have peace of mind knowing that it’s in the best hands. We’ve honed our custom home-building process over years of experience to give you an idea of the timeline of construction and what to expect at each step.

Although it’s impossible to guarantee a timeline for your home’s construction, we can give you a step-by-step roadmap to our home-building process. Understanding how our process works and your role in the creative design of your new home can better prepare you for the road toward building your dream house! 

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Idea Conception

All great custom homes begin with an idea. This is the stage where you start gathering ideas and finding what designs you like best. You’ll discuss your vision for your custom home with our team and nail down a budget. It’s important to establish this before work begins on your future home.

Site Preparation

Once we've agreed on budget, it's time to start site prep, excavation, and planning the foundation for your new home. During this phase, we’ll work together to find and purchase the perfect location for your home and begin the excavation process. This process can take anywhere from a few days up to two to three weeks to finish. Once the excavation is complete, we begin the design phase.


At this point, you’ll sit down with our team and start turning your ideas from the idea conception phase into architectural plans. Together, we’ll go through every detail of the building process and discuss the framing, floor plan, exterior, painting, flooring, appliances, etc. The more detailed we are with the design, the smoother the rest of the custom home building process will be.


Once you've settled on your home design choices and we agree on a construction schedule, it’s time to build. This is where your vision turns into a reality. The construction phase typically lasts 12 to 18 months in total. We will continuously update you with progress and if there are any remaining decisions to make.

Move In

Once we've built your home with all the final touches and done a final walkthrough with you to ensure your satisfaction, you can start moving in. It’s been a long road, and now you can enjoy your new custom home!

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with RALCO Builders

At RALCO Builders, we are dedicated to turning your lifelong dreams into a reality. When you team up with us, you’re receiving the best quality material, craftsmanship, and architectural detail. Let’s build your dream home together.  

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